What's Next

Ongoing evolution

The original Jouliette implementation at De Ceuvel was based upon an open-source blockchain platform called Multichain. A number of limitations were identified in the course of the project that have led Spectral to shift the focus of our ongoing software development to Hyperledger Sawtooth.

In the pilot, rudimentary hardware was used in the proof of concept to enable smart metering and the publication of production and consumption data to the blockchain along with related transaction details. To evolve a scalable solution, strong real-world identities have to be tied to specific hardware and these need to be encoded/assigned at production or installation time. Furthermore, this hardware should be tamper-proof with sufficient processing power to sign blockchain transactions. Spectral has achieved these hardware goals and continues to refine our blockchain hardware solution for use in follow-up implementations.

Follow-up projects and products

Spectral Energy Exchange (SPEX) is our new product that harnesses the capabilities of blockchain technology to provide a transparent and robust transaction system for automated negotiation and settlement of energy and flexibility trading. The platform features seamless integration with existing smart-metering infrastructure, real-time energy visualizations and billing, and advanced algorithms that optimize trading strategies based on user preferences. For more information, please check out SPEX on the Spectral website.

The original Jouliette implementation was on a private microgrid at De Ceuvel. Spectral is currently implementing blockchain-based solutions for local energy communities in Amsterdam and Groningen. These “real world” implementations are made possible by regulatory exemptions (in the case of the Amsterdam implementation at Schoonschip) and energy supplier cooperation (in the case of Groningen). Both implementations will launch in early 2019. For more information, please refer to Spectral's projects page.