at De Ceuvel


The Jouliette is a blockchain-based energy token which empowers individuals and communities to easily manage and share their locally-produced renewable energy.

In September 2017, the Jouliette token was launched at De Ceuvel, a community in Amsterdam which has become a globally visible showcase for sustainable urban development. This pilot project confirmed that blockchain technology could be harnessed to enable peer-to-peer energy trading, with a goal of creating greater social value and supporting a bottom-up movement in our transition towards 100% renewable energy supply.

Phase 2 of the Jouliette launched in May 2018. The key focus was to stimulate use of the Jouliette token and ensure successful integration into the day-to-day activities of the De Ceuvel community. Participatory sessions with the community enabled rules to be established for how the Jouliette and any supporting token should be minted and used.

A supporting Jouliette application was built for the community and extensive research conducted into blockchain applications in the energy domain, leading to the publication of a Spectral white paper. Phase 2 of the Jouliette project included an analysis of the risks and opportunities for scaling the Jouliette platform with a particular focus on regulatory aspects.

The Jouliette project was a collaboration between De Ceuvel, Alliander and Spectral. The long-term ambition for the Jouliette project was to scale up the concept beyond the confines of De Ceuvel and this has been realised with follow-up projects.